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Italian village bursts into bloom in annual ‘flowering’


WorldMedia: Every year, the fields of Umbrian village Castelluccio come alive with colour as part of an annual spectacle known as ‘la fioritura’ (the flowering or blooming).

Poppies, cornflowers, daisies, violets and others paint the fields in rainbow hues, and tourists flock to take in the sight from the Apennine’s highest village.

La fioritura takes place in the Piano Grande – ‘Great Plain’ – beneath the Sibillini Mountains, in the summer months between late May and July.
This year the blooms peaked in early July.

Castelluccio is well-known in Italy and among chefs worldwide for the lentils that grow in these fields, which have Protected Geographical Indication (IGP) meaning they sell for a higher price due to the origin and quality. The town’s lentils sell at around €12 per kilo.The colourful spectacle began with local farmers leaving their fields fallow after the harvest, allowing wildflowers to seed themselves.

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