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Coronavirus speaks out

Rampaging virus interviewed live on Egyptian TV show


Cairo: Most countries of the world have declared maximum alert against the new coronavirus amid mounting fears of a global pandemic. Amid this scare, governments across the globe have forgotten to do one thing: speaking to the virus itself.

An Egyptian TV station did it, though. On his recently launched show “What Is the Talk About?” on private television Al Hayat, Egyptian host Jaber Al Qarmuti claimed to have acted professionally and interviewed the virus.

A person taking the shape of the Covid-19 appeared on the show allegedly talking via a satellite video call and dismissed panic over the virus outbreak as “social media talk”.

“I swear to God I’m wronged in this regard,” the virus mimic said.

“A boy who doesn’t want to go to school would tell his mum he feels tired and his classmates cough. In response, his mum would tell him right away he has corona!” the virus lookalike added.

When asked how it can be prevented, the virtual virus said: “Be clean. Wash your hands well and don’t touch the stairway railing a lot! Also, don’t sneeze in my face!”

The host described the interview as an act of professionalism.

In the past few days, the Egyptian government has taken a string of precautionary measures amid concerns of the spread of the virus in the country of 100 million people.

Source: gulfnews, https://www.geo tv/

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