Two JMB member arrested, bomb seized at Chittagong

Two JMB member arrested, bomb seized at Chittagong

BNA,Chittagong, Jan 02,2018 :   Police arrested two suspected  JMB member and recovered arms and bomb-making materials from  their home at east madarbari   in Chittagong metro politan city  last night.

Sources siad to bna that Counter Terrorism and Transnational Crime Unit (CTTC) members of the newly arrested JMB have detained a special operation in a militant hideout in the city. From there, a target one-story map, one hand, 8 hand grenades, 2 bombs, 2 suicidal vest, a mobile and a tab were also recovered from the attack.

The arrested persons have been identified as Ashfakur Rahman(22) and Rakibul Hasan(19).



In connection with the initial police investigation, two new JMB members confessed. They came to Chittagong with the target of attacking the establishment of the police and law enforcement agencies. They said they had built a shelter in Madarbari with the target of attacks in Sadarghat thana.

Detained came from Mymensingh And Muradnagar, Comilla . Both of them passed the HSC examination.


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